Melbourne's finest brings progressive house back with a BANG

As the 2015 dance music continues to shape and change, Zerothree continues to harbour exceptional talent in the more "classic" progressive house sound. One key player in this movement is Australia's very own Luke Chable. 

Coming from a strong progressive background and supported in the early 2000's as one of the leaders of true progressive sound, Luke brings a string of exceptional creations to the table. "Ride" is perhaps one of our favourite tracks; plucks galore, melodies galore.. Just a real feel good production. Supported by the likes of Sasha, Pete Tong & Nick Warren it is one that all progressive bods should be aware of. 

Staying true to his progressive roots, Luke continued to release tracks supported by the greats, remixing for the greats and creating a legacy that to this day is very much as strong as it ever was. 

2015 hits and its time for Luke to make a return to the progressive market. Grum, Capa, Fehrplay bringing the sounds of progressive house back to the forefront of the EDM market. Teaming up with Zerothree on his first "debut" EP, Luke hit home with "Comet" "Echo" and "Voyager", gaining the support of fans, DJ's, producers and Radio stations alike. Its safe to say real talent never dies, and its certainly true in this case. 

Fast forward to September 2015 and the release of the much awaited "Mr Gravity" with the exceptional vocals of Johnny Dharma..... The return of Luke Chable is very much in full force. 

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Written by Jamie Kemp