Where ever you may be in the world, the chances are you might be in a summery mood! Boy, do we have a great little gem for you to make sure to check out! Canadian household imprint microCastle dropped its 40th release last week with “The Healing”, a 4-track EP by Australian wizard Jamie Stevens. 

Pick of the bunch for us is the Guy J remix of “My Tears Don’t Help Me”. If someone decides to make a list of ‘greatest remixers’, the Israeli should definitely feature somewhere high up in the ranking. Filled with Mediterranean rhythmic elements and a rolling bass line, the track weaves and flows, continuously reaping the rewards of the great melodic elements that float around the spectrum, with a clever little vocal phrase that cuts right through the mix. What really makes this remix is the inspiring switch-up in the bass towards the end of the track; it really lets the melodic atmosphere shine and gives the whole remix that dreamy feel, so characteristic of Guy J’s work. 

The rest of the package is equally superb. The original “My Tears Don’t Help Me” makes you literally smell the beach with its balearic percussion and pulsating synth plucks. “Scintilla” is a more hard-hitting piece of techno, complete with snappy percussion and drone-styled saw stabs. Last, but by all means not least, the EP gets a FANTASTIC downtempo electronica piece titled “Healing Crimson”. Starting quietly with FX elements and fantastic wide analog-sounding pads, it builds up to an emotional 80's-sounding blend of decaying plucks and arpeggiated chord progressions. It is fantastic movie score material (hints of Vangelis anyone?), but we’re perfectly capable of imagining a story to these sounds ourselves. 

A stunning release, all in all. Get up and grab this package, you won’t regret it.

Written by Stijn Vermeulen - @stanvmusic