Over the past few years, Eric Prydz aka Pryda aka Cirez D has not let the EDM-craze influence his style in any way whatsoever; continuously focusing on doing his own thing has made him more popular than ever, with festivals aplenty putting him high up on the bill. This year marks the 10th anniversary of his label, Pryda Recordings, and the Swede is making sure that everyone is made aware of that.....

Hot on the heels of the success of “Liberate” in 2014, 2015 saw the releases of peak-time proggers “Tether” and “Generate” under his main Eric Prydz alias. The former is a rework of a song by Scottish electronic band CHVRCHES, and is a perfect example of the kind of festival closer that leaves you wanting more, way more (even after its finished). The latter can be described in the exact same way; a brilliant example of the finesse Prydz uses to turn simple rhythmic elements and out-of-this-world vocal hooks into big big tracks.

Earlier in July, the first of three PR(10)DA volumes under his Pryda moniker saw daylight. Fans have been craving for the release of ID’s dating back to 2004, and these EP’s are going to deliver just that. The first one contained four tracks, as will the other volumes. Volume 1 already managed to showcase the amazing diversity in production that the 39 year old has mastered. “Run” tore up the mainstage at Ultra in 2014 with the typical floating Pryda melodies and an incredibly gritty bassline making the lasers work overtime. “Rebel XX” could almost be mistaken for a classic acid techno banger with a driving groove that could turn every dancefloor into a pit of fire. Add to that the sweet melodic flavour called “Loving You” and the eclectic, almost 80s-throwback “Neuron”, and you end up with a release in which any electronic music fan can find something to like. We cannot wait for the release of Volume II on August 10. 

Cue the release of “Opus” at the end of July. No less than a true progressive stroke of genius, the track seems to tell a whole story in 9 minutes: trademark plucky synthlines and violins start off in gradually sweet, almost melancholic fashion, eventually erupting in a massive climax of pure euphoria, before coming back down to the way it started. It caught people by surprise during EDC Las Vegas when it premiered as the closing track of his set, prompting incredible hype in the weeks preceding the release. 

Is ‘“Opus” the best thing he’s created, as some boldly claim? Maybe, but with a full album coming out in October of this year and 2 more labels (Pryda Friends & Mouseville) likely cooking up even more good stuff, we’re pretty sure that the chances of being equally amazed again remain rather high.

So, get out there and support this inspiration, keeping the prog real! 

Written by Stijn Vermeulen