Starting DJ's & Producers - By Sem Thomasson

I'm gonna dedicate my first post on the new sparkling Zerothree blog to a widely discussed subject. I'd like to point out that starting deejays and aspiring producers are labeled as amateurs or 'people with no musical background' far too often and far too quickly. Industry people (including myself), if you are not talking to Zack Efron, think twice, drop the prejudices and give everybody a fair chance.

I was invited to be a judge on one of the largest deejay competitions in Belgium run by one of the biggest FM Radio stations in the country. On my way to the venue where the competition would be held I heard; "#StartToDj is looking for the next big thing!" on the radio. I remember I was thinking about quotes I could use judging the next 15-year old laptop deejay. And I wasn't looking forward to hear the same track being played by all the contestants over and over again at all. Thinking they would all wear snapbacks and long black t-shirts with a side split, not to forget the newest shining Nike Air sneakers (Which they obviously would need to jump on every 16 bars drop). 

Oh God, I was so so wrong! There is a lot of talent out there! To my surprise none of the next gen deejays played with a laptop, I found myself the only person wearing a snapback and the music being played was so diverse. The only track I heard twice that night was a production of Dr. Dré. Waow! 

The night turned out to be a trip through time with a mix of urban, funk, techno, progressive house, trap, classic house tunes and the finest pop tunes out there. When the contestants got the assignment to throw away their SD-Cards/USB-sticks and play a non prepared set with just a few random CDs (no sync-buttons involved and real skills and beatmatching is required), I was truly blown away! 

It is a fact that everybody nowadays wants to be a deejay or producer. The internet and recent technological innovations made it very easy to download, produce and play out music but on the other hand there's still such thing as talent. What I'm trying to say is that it's easy to have prejudices but sometimes you can be very wrong. In the end talent will always stand out. 

Written by Sem Thomasson - @SEMTHOMASSON