Out Now - http://bit.ly/RevoltZ3

Zerothree are very excited to team up with the talented US based duo Taurus & Vaggeli for their debut release on the label - Revolt. 

Taurus & Vaggeli who reside in Philadelphia, are a pair of unique powerhouse producers, who tread a thin line between Progressive, Electro and House. With their last release Fubar on Sultan & Ned Shepard’s label gaining a myriad of support from the top dogs and Beatport alike, Revolt is set to run a similar path. Past releases on Revealed, Ultra, Juicy and Toolroom all contribute to an amazing resume, making these two energetic masterminds something of a hot prospect this year. 

Revolt is simply a ‘Class A’ MONSTER. With a strong, synth lead breakdown, a big driving groove and the dark vocal simmering in the background expect there to be a ‘revoltion’ on the horizon…..