Out Now - http://bit.ly/Discovered1

As Zerothree continues to grow and expand, working alongside some of the biggest artists on the planet, its work and collaboration with WAVO also continues to blossom. 

The name of the game is to help young, talented artists get the exposure and chance to release their music to the world. The birth of the “Undiscovered” series is revealed. This will be a quarterly release of the finest demos and submissions from the labels connection with WAVO. 

The first release comes from two very very talented artists. The first; “Limerant” hailing from Sweden. His style is unique, powerful and euphoric. The quality of the synth work creates an amazing feeling of emotion, whilst maintaining a club feel. On the flip side “Dave All The Rave” provides a very unique glitch progressive number, incorporating various styles to create the powerful “Language of Rave”. 

The EP is stunning, and is just the start. Please welcome the “Undiscovered”